So You Just Got Engaged. Now what?

You Just Got Engaged. Now what?!

So you’re engaged! That’s amazing news. I know how exciting and overwhelming it can be to share this news with everyone. You want to enjoy some time with your partner, but you’re also excited to iron out some details. (Because EVERYONE is asking.)

Here are some of the first steps I took the weeks after our engagement.

  1. Start a spreadsheet in Google docs and share it with your partner. You can make as many tabs as you’d like at the bottom so you can keep track of all kinds of lists and budgets in one place.
  2. Start a guest list. You and your partner should keep your lists separate at first to keep organizing easier. (We did ours in the same tab, but kept the lists in different columns.)We decided to each make 3 lists: the people who will definitely be there, people who might show up, and people we will invite but don’t expect to show up. This way we can gauge how big a venue we require before getting the exact number from RSVPs.
  3. Start a budget. Maybe you don’t know what your budget is yet, but you should still make a list of everything that is going to have a cost. Down to the smallest details like your mani/pedi the week of the wedding or buying your partner a new pair of shoes for the ceremony.
  4. Start a list of potential venues and vendors. Get quotes and estimate how much each would cost for your estimated guest number.
  5. Figure out an approximate date. Now, I have a date in my head that we are using, but I’m not announcing it until we choose a venue and know that we can reserve everything we want for that date. Otherwise I have a couple back-ups within the same month that I’ll be happy with.
  6. Tour venues and sample catering and other vendors. If you’re like me, you have a big window to do all of your planning in. I am starting the venue search early to ensure we can get our preferred date and figure out budgets. I’m also considering whether we want to find a venue that takes care of catering and bar all as one package or having to coordinate all of that separately. There are pros and cons to both, so I’m getting a head start.There will probably be some wedding showcase events in your city where you can meet vendors and see (or taste) examples of their work. This should be a super fun time to get to take it all in and let the vendors convince you why you should choose them!
  7. Wedding dress shopping. This can start pretty early, but I know many women are hesitant to buy too early due to size fluctuations. I get it. But what harm is there is learning about styles you love, ones you don’t, and shopping around until you find your right fit? Especially if you’re plus size like me, you’ll want to start looking so you don’t feel like you’re rushed into buying something you’re not in love with.

This is about as far as I’ve made it so far in the first 3 weeks! I have not started going into dress shops yet since I have over a year left to go, but I do plan on starting soon! And my first venue tour is booked for a week from now.

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