Birthday Freebies in Sioux Falls

Every year as October progresses, I get more and more excited about all the free treats I'll be receiving on my birthday in the beginning of November. It's something I've become very invested in - so much so that I make a list in my notes app every year with all of the offers and expiration dates to try and take advantage of all of them!

Interested in getting free treats on your birthday? I'm sharing all of my favorite places to get birthday freebies in Sioux Falls.

Many of these businesses require you to be signed up for their loyalty programs, so be sure to sign up right away so you don't miss your chance once your birthday rolls around.


Papa Woody's

  • In 2023, Papa Woody's offered a $5 off coupon that expired 5 days after my birthday
  • I can't actually find a way to sign up for their program, so I believe I got signed up via their point of sale system when I ate there. Make sure to sign up for rewards the next time you eat at Papa Woody's!


  • Every year, HuHot has offered a BOGO Free Entree for my birthday.
  • You can download their app to sign up for their rewards program. Be sure to tell your server you want to check-in when you dine-in to earn points on every purchase!
  • This expired about a week and a half after my birthday.

Jimmy John's

  • Every year, Jimmy John's offers a free sandwich for your birthday.
  • You can download their app or go to their website to sign up for rewards. Be sure to check-in with your phone number every time you eat there to earn points on all your purchases!
  • This coupon expired a month after my birthday.

Johnny Carino's

  • BOGO Free Entree
  • Sign up for the Carino's newsletter to receive a free meal on your birthday
  • You'll also receive a BOGO Free meal on the anniversary of your sign-up date, so it's definitely worth it to be on the list!
  • This coupon expired a week after my birthday.

Buffalo Wild Wings

  • BWW offers 6 free wings during your birthday month
  • Sign up for their rewards online or in their app. You can earn points on all your purchases as long as you order online or check-in with your server.
  • Birthday Wings offer was good for the full birthday month.


  • Last year, I was offered a free item of my choice on the McDonald's App. The selection was pretty lame, but it's still free! I think I chose a breakfast sandwich for my free item.
  • Be sure to sign up for rewards - using the app to order always earns you points and has extra special offers. It's a game changer if you hate waiting in the long lines at prime meal times!
  • Birthday reward expired one week after my birthday.

Red Robin

  • Red Robin Loyalty Rewards gets you a free burger on your birthday every year! You may have to pay to upgrade your side, but this is an amazing deal.
  • Make sure you sign up for rewards online or in-store. You can log into your rewards account on the tablet that sits on the table so that you can select your reward.
  • Birthday Burger can be redeemed any time during your birthday month.


Dunn Brothers

  • Free drink up to $5
  • Sign up for rewards on their website or app
  • Free drink expired a week after my birthday.


  • Free drink for your birthday
  • Sign up for rewards when you check out on their point of sale system
  • Drink coupon expired 2 weeks after my birthday


  • Free drink for your birthday
  • Join Perks via their app or website
  • Coupon expired a week after my birthday.


  • Free drink on your birthday
  • Sign up for their rewards via their app or website
  • Free drink can only be redeemed on your actual birthday. Order in the app and redeem your free drink or mention it to the barista when ordering.


  • Free drink during your birthday month
  • Sign up for Scooters Smiles rewards. Depending on how often you stop into Scooters, you'll be at a different level of their rewards, so you coupon will be worth $6-$8.
  • You have to have visited at least once before your birthday month to trigger this coupon.


Ruby Tuesday

  • Free Dessert with Entree
  • Sign up for rewards - you'll get lots of offers throughout the year
  • Birthday coupon expired 2 weeks after your birthday


  • Free Frosty during your birthday month
  • Sign up for rewards on their app or website

Flyboy Donuts

  • Free donut any time during your birthday month
  • Sign up for rewards on their website


  • Free bakery item
  • Sign up for rewards on their app or website
  • Coupon expires a week after your birthday.


  • Free dessert with entree
  • Sign up for loyalty on their website or in-store
  • Coupon expires a week after your birthday.

Slim Chickens

  • Free Dessert Jar (Cheesecake bites + toppings)
  • Sign up for rewards on their app or website.
  • Coupon expires one month after your birthday.

Nothing Bundt Cakes

  • Free Bundtini for your birthday
  • Sign up for rewards on their website
  • Coupon expires a week after your birthday

Cold Stone

  • BOGO Free Like It, Love It, or Gotta Have It creations
  • Sign up for rewards on their website
  • Expires a week after your birthday


  • Free donut or cookie
  • Sign up for Casey's Rewards on their app or website. Lots of free stuff, rewards points, and offers for everyday use as well!
  • Expires about 10 days after your birthday


  • Free dessert with a $6 purchase
  • Sign up for rewards on their website or app
  • Expired 3 weeks after my birthday

Oh My Cupcakes

  • Free cupcake on your birthday
  • Just show up on your birthday and let them know! 😀

Crumbl Cookies

  • Free cookie on your birthday
  • Be sure you sign up for rewards ahead of time in their app.
  • You can earn lots of bonus points right away by following them on social media and a few other easy tasks - free cookie for you + a friend!


Many other stores have birthday rewards. Some of these may depend on how much you spend at the store. I'll just list the stores I got offers from in 2023. Make sure you're always signing up for rewards in order to get these offers!

  • Ace Hardware
  • Last Stop CD Shop
  • Torrid
  • Lane Bryant
  • ULTA
  • Sephora

Plus Size Valentine’s Day Looks 2023

I know we love love, so I've been scouring the internet for the best plus size Valentine's Day outfits! Every year when I post mine, I get tons of comments asking where to get the pieces. Don't wait until they're sold out or until it's too late to order. Grab some cute pink, red, or heart-adorned pieces to help you feel the love this January and February! 🙂

Thanksgiving Recipes

I have absolutely loved getting to cook a Thanksgiving dinner these past couple of years, and this year is no different! This year, we are cooking just for the two of us, so we eliminated a dish or two, but all-in-all we are excited for a feast!

I wanted to share some recipes with you just in case you're still looking for some last minute inspiration for your Thanksgiving or you just want to make a nice meal any time this holiday season.

My favorite dish from holidays growing up is Scalloped Corn. A lot of people haven't heard of it, but it's a must-have for me.

My fiance loves the mashed potatoes and his homemade apple pie. He uses this recipe for the crust and this recipe for the filling. It's so so so good!

So You Just Got Engaged. Now what?

You Just Got Engaged. Now what?!

So you’re engaged! That’s amazing news. I know how exciting and overwhelming it can be to share this news with everyone. You want to enjoy some time with your partner, but you’re also excited to iron out some details. (Because EVERYONE is asking.)

Here are some of the first steps I took the weeks after our engagement.

  1. Start a spreadsheet in Google docs and share it with your partner. You can make as many tabs as you’d like at the bottom so you can keep track of all kinds of lists and budgets in one place.
  2. Start a guest list. You and your partner should keep your lists separate at first to keep organizing easier. (We did ours in the same tab, but kept the lists in different columns.)We decided to each make 3 lists: the people who will definitely be there, people who might show up, and people we will invite but don’t expect to show up. This way we can gauge how big a venue we require before getting the exact number from RSVPs.
  3. Start a budget. Maybe you don’t know what your budget is yet, but you should still make a list of everything that is going to have a cost. Down to the smallest details like your mani/pedi the week of the wedding or buying your partner a new pair of shoes for the ceremony.
  4. Start a list of potential venues and vendors. Get quotes and estimate how much each would cost for your estimated guest number.
  5. Figure out an approximate date. Now, I have a date in my head that we are using, but I’m not announcing it until we choose a venue and know that we can reserve everything we want for that date. Otherwise I have a couple back-ups within the same month that I’ll be happy with.
  6. Tour venues and sample catering and other vendors. If you’re like me, you have a big window to do all of your planning in. I am starting the venue search early to ensure we can get our preferred date and figure out budgets. I’m also considering whether we want to find a venue that takes care of catering and bar all as one package or having to coordinate all of that separately. There are pros and cons to both, so I’m getting a head start.There will probably be some wedding showcase events in your city where you can meet vendors and see (or taste) examples of their work. This should be a super fun time to get to take it all in and let the vendors convince you why you should choose them!
  7. Wedding dress shopping. This can start pretty early, but I know many women are hesitant to buy too early due to size fluctuations. I get it. But what harm is there is learning about styles you love, ones you don’t, and shopping around until you find your right fit? Especially if you’re plus size like me, you’ll want to start looking so you don’t feel like you’re rushed into buying something you’re not in love with.

This is about as far as I’ve made it so far in the first 3 weeks! I have not started going into dress shops yet since I have over a year left to go, but I do plan on starting soon! And my first venue tour is booked for a week from now.

Follow my wedding planning journey and all my other daily shenanigans at WandererNicole on Instagram.

A collage of various plus size halloween themed sweaters, shirts, accessories, and other apparel.

Plus Size Halloween Favorites

Who's ready for plus size halloween finds?

Don't pretend you aren't excited for autumn, and with that, SPOOKY SEASON. As much as I have loved enjoying summer activities, Fall always has my heart. And while I used to dislike all the fuss about Halloween, the last few years have taught me how fun it can be if. you just embrace the spook! That's why I've compiled this collection of early Spooky Season finds.

Everything here should be available in plus sizes at least up to 3x if not beyond. Some things may sell out, but I tried to make sure it was all available now. And I will try to continue updating it as more things become available or sell out.

Follow me on the LTK app or visit my Shop My Outfits page to keep up with all of my plus size halloween finds and more! 🙂

Where is your favorite place to shop for Spooky Season essentials? DM me on Instagram if I haven't included your fave!


Below, find my top picks from my favorite online glasses store - Eye Buy Direct! Click on a style to be redirected to their website, add your prescription, and maybe even some fun tint for sunglasses, and you're ready to rock a new pair of frames!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota Black-Owned Businesses

I have curated this list of Sioux Falls, SD Black-Owned Businesses as a resource for those who would like to support these businesses.

This list is crowd-sourced using local Facebook groups. Please notify me of any errors, missing businesses, or updates.


Personal Care:


Entertainment & Media:

Business Professionals:

Home & Lawn:

Sports & Recreation:



Lane Bryant Holiday Look #3

My third and last #gifted Lane Bryant holiday look is here! I chose this pretty red lace top to go with my high waisted black jeggings. I thought this outfit would feel more casual, yet still dressy enough to attend a Christmas party! The top is so pretty and has a nice shape to it! The jeggings come up nice and high so you don't have to worry about them cutting into your tummy or gapping!

I paired this outfit with these sparkly black flats and a simple black faux druzy earring! Simple glam for those who may not be comfortable in a dress but still want to feel pretty!

The links in this post are all tracked/affiliate. Use these links so Lane Bryant knows you're shopping with me! 🙂

Thank you to Lane Bryant for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.


Lane Bryant Holiday Look #2

For my second holiday party look gifted from Lane Bryant, I chose this absolutely gorgeous Floral Chiffon Faux-Wrap Dress! I fell in love with this dress instantly when I saw it on the website, and then again when I tried it on in-store. The wrap top doesn't do the awkward gapping thing most wrap dresses do on me, and the cute tie on the side of the waist is a nice detail! I also love the sheer sleeves and the pretty red flowers! This feels like it could be very Christmas-y, but also could be taken way out of that context in the middle of summer!

I paired this dress with the sheer tights as well, since it's November in South Dakota and we like it COLD around here. I also kept the cute booties from the last look because they're such a nice addition to the outfit!

I topped off this pretty dress with a sparkly necklace and earrings! I am still getting used to adding jewelry to my outfits, but I LOVED these so much!

All the links on this blog are tracked/affiliate links. Make sure to shop through my links so LB knows you're shopping with me. 🙂


Thank you to Lane Bryant for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own!

Lane Bryant Holiday Look #1

I was given the incredible opportunity to collaborate with Lane Bryant for their Holiday Styling Event! I've put together three looks with Lane Bryant's new arrivals for the holiday season! Enjoy my first look!

This first outfit made me feel SO FABULOUS. This velvet dress is just form-fitting enough to show off my curves without making me feel self-conscious. The sequins on the dress prove that less is more - there aren't a ton of sequins, but they still make quite the statement!

I rarely wear jewelry, but for this party look, I knew I needed to elevate the glam. These matching earrings and necklace made me feel so pretty!

-Note: I did shorten this necklace a bit to fit with this neckline! Opt for a shorter necklace if you love this dress as much as me!

Affiliate links for this outfit:

Thank you so much to Lane Bryant for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own. Check out their website to find even more holiday styles!